I just wanted to send through a quick email with some feedback about some workers I encountered this morning at Glenfield Goodstart Daycare.  It is positive feedback - the stuff we don't always get in business!

I was dropping my toddler son off to school while the men were working in the nursery.  He noticed that they were not usually there and was intrigued as to what they were doing, trying eagerly to get their attention.  They were warm, engaging and friendly.  They even put his lunch into the fridge below where they were working after he held it up and signalled to them that he needed help - before continuing on with the work they were there to do.

Those workers were respectful of the environment they were working in and the needs of the people moving through their work space.   What a great way to represent a brand and a company.

Their friendly and professional manner made me stop in the carpark to check the name of the company on the workvan and to mention the company name in my workplace to my colleagues.   Such a simple act of engagment from those men triggers a bit of flow on discussion.   Good you guys.

Kind Regards, Renee