JRC Electrical Services is committed to the safety, wellbeing and ongoing development of its employees. It is also dedicated to the acquisition and maintenance of equipment required to position itself at the quality end of the industrial electrical asset maintenance field.

For example:

  • JRC Electrical Services has a clear and formalised Workplace Health and Safety framework within which the entire company operates;
  • JRC Electrical Services tradesmen, apprentices and other staff are fully trained on the preparation, following and use of Job Safety and Environmental Analyses (JSEAs);
  • JRC Electrical Services has a no live work policy prohibiting staff from working live;
  • All staff are fully trained in the use of lock out / tag out procedures;
  • Many of our staff have completed LV rescue and Senior First Aid training.
  • All of our personnel carry Construction Induction white cards from WorkCover;
  • JRC Electrical Services personnel are fully trained for Confined Space work;
  • JRC Electrical Services have monthly structured Workplace Health and Safety Meetings which arecompulsory for all staff to attend. This allows safety issues to be discussed openly and for the Directors to pass on safety information to all staff;
  • JRC Electrical Services personnel regularly attend clients safety sessions and meetings as well as being formally inducted to all sites in which they work;
  • Our personnel know their limits and work within them. We will never undertake tasks
  • Outside our knowledge and experience.

Quality Assurance and Improvement

  • JRC has developed quality and individual test procedures to ensure all work undertaken exceeds Australian Standards;
  • Projects are reviewed on completion by the senior management team;
  • JRC Electrical Services encourages and funds the professional development of its personnel to ensure our tradesmen remain at the cutting edge of their trade;
  • JRC Electrical Services is able to draw on a network of various supply companies that deliver a reliable, quality product with competitive pricing.