High Voltage

High Voltage


JRC Electrical Services have started a High Voltage division to complement their existing 

Projects and Maintenance divisions. We have recruited experienced High Voltage staff and purchased state of the art plant & equipment for Level 1 / High Voltage installations. JRC Electrical Services are prequalified contractors for Essential Energy and undertake varied projects for them. The Level 1, 2 & 3 accreditation JRC Electrical services now have achieved will enable us to work in the following fields.

High and Low Voltage Asset Service provide on common land

  • Level 1a – Construction of overhead HV & LV network assets.
  • Level 1b – Construction of underground HV & LV network assets.

Low Voltage asset connection services

  • Level 2a – Disconnection and reconnection
  • Level 2b  – Underground service work
  • Level 2c  – Overhead service work
  • Level 2d  – LV metering


  • Level 3a – Overhead Design
  • Level 3b – Underground Design