Jubilee Park - Sports Lighting

Jubilee Park - Sports Lighting

In November 2015 JRC Electrical Services were awarded the project of upgrading the floodlighting at Wagga Wagga`s premier Touch Football and Hockey fields named Jubilee Park for the Wagga City Council (WWCC). The Contract was for the complete installation, testing, commissioning, warranty and servicing of the Hockey & Touch Football Sports Lighting Services. Jubilee Park is a large 30ha sporting complex containing synthetic hockey fields, touch football fields and athletics track. With works to start early January 2018, a carefully planned schedule that JRC had designed during the tender process needed to be implemented immediately so the works could be completed during school holidays and competition breaks.

This project was two in one consisting of the touch football fields and hockey fields. The hockey fields required 8 lighting towers all with a height of 18.3m supporting 32 lights, while the touch football fields required x10 lighting towers with x4 towers being 24.4m and x6 towers being 18.3m, consisting of 48 lights in total. 

Before installation of the new lighting towers we needed to disconnect and remove floodlights, control gear and internal cabling from the four of the existing lighting towers on the touch football fields in readiness for retrofit kits to be installed.

We were also required to disconnect the existing hockey scoreboard facing field no.2, then relocate the scoreboard and footings to outside the Hockey field no.2 fence in the south east corner, this included installation of a new single phase 16 amp circuit from the new Hockey & Touch Football distribution board. As with Rawlings Park Ovals this project also required open trenching to install the articulated underground power, The lighting towers were screw anchor types and control equipment switchboards were installed on structures to the new poles.

The WWCC had asked for our methodology in approaching this project. Our methodology was the following:

  • Trenching and underground conduit & pit works to start first.
  • Once trenches have been backfilled, cabling to be installed.
  • Light pole footings to be also prepared.
  • Preassembly work of the light poles to be completed.
  • Erection of light poles once ready.
  • Termination of light poles and switchboard where required.
  • Cloudmaster control cabling.
  • Energisation of the light circuits after testing.
  • Test / Commission of the installation.

One major difference with this project was the fact that it included level 1 works (high Voltage), the project was staged with a High Voltage site power supply upgrade, new main switchboard and new submains power supplies to existing switchboards. This part of the installation required careful planning before and during to ensure our Level 1 team and members of the public weren’t at any risk of injury. This project was undertaken whilst the site was still being used for general sporting events and again this required precise timing, planning and constant liaising with the council Wagga had record rainfall for the winter that year which affected the playing surfaces and stopped construction. The schedule was significantly shortened as the competition start dates couldn`t be changed. The success of this project was the willingness of JRC Electrical services staff to work in adverse conditions and work with the client to achieve the desired result. This project was completed over the summer months so the scheduled soccer season wasn`t interrupted. Because of JRC’s vast experience and great team we were able to complete this project ahead of schedule within the budget allowed.